The Green Compass and ChildFund International Partnership

It all started when Green Compass Co-Founder and President, Meredith Cook watched a video that changed her life — a video that introduced her to ChildFund International.

Meredith was immediately impacted by the organization’s mission to help children living in extreme poverty all across the world. She knew she wanted to be a part of it — but what she didn’t know was just how strong that partnership would end up being.

Meredith and her family began their relationship with ChildFund International by sponsoring several children. But, as Green Compass became a more prominent part of her life, she came to the realization that the two entities could work together in a bigger way


Worldwide, 570 million children live in extreme poverty, leaving them vulnerable to many factors that threaten their well-being. Children need protection, support and care at each stage of childhood to stay safe, healthy, learning and on track to achieve their potential. ChildFund International works with local partner organizations, governments, corporations and individuals to help create safe environments for these children to thrive.

Extreme poverty deprives children of basic rights and resources, excludes them from opportunities and leaves them vulnerable to harm. As a global community of people who care about kids, ChildFund International works to change underlying conditions that create poverty, helping young people grow up safe and healthy, the way they deserve.

ChildFund International helps children like Veronica, age 7. She lives in Uganda, and was born with a physical disability that prevented her from walking. She could only crawl to get herself around. When ChildFund International learned about her situation, they worked with a local partner in Uganda to provide a prognosis that concluded Veronica would one day be able to walk with enough physical therapy. In the meantime, she was provided with leg braces and crutches to aid in her range of motion. ChildFund International and the local partner covered the cost of Veronica's medical bills and her transportation to doctor visits. She is now happily attending primary school, and enjoying her childhood!

In circumstances like Veronica’s, parents often lack the resources to give their children what they need. Unfortunately for many families, access to health care is a luxury and opportunities for education and employment are severely limited. ChildFund International’s programs address these issues so that children around the world can thrive at every stage of their lives. A child’s chance at accessing his or her true potential dramatically diminishes when any one of these factors is missing:

  1. Loving caregivers
  2. Clean water
  3. Healthcare
  4. Education
  5. Nutrition
  6. Opportunity and protection


ChildFund International works to eliminate the barriers to success for children in need. Every child deserves a chance, regardless of the hardships they have faced. Green Compass is proud to partner with such an incredible, life-changing organization.


Green Compass made a commitment to donate a minimum of $20,000 to ChildFund International by December 31, 2019. In order to achieve this, we provided our advocates and customers with opportunities to participate in our partnership and positively impact children all over the world.

One of the most unique ways that people were able to contribute was through the raffle of a 2002 Wild West Vigilante motorcycle, customized with the Green Compass logo! The bike was rebuilt and donated by Green Compass Presidential Founder, Rick Frisk and is valued at $12,500.

This fancy ride caused quite the buzz! Raffle tickets were $5.00 each — and no limit was placed on the number of tickets each person could buy. All of the profits made from this raffle went directly to ChildFund International and helped us reach the $20,000 promise for 2019.


"At ChildFund, we know that the first three years of life are the most critical to a child’s development, that education and good health are prerequisites for children to become positive agents of change in their communities and that youth development is a key factor in disrupting the generational cycle of poverty. Thanks to the generosity of corporate partners like Green Compass, ChildFund is able to step in where children need us the most, and make sure they have what they need to grow up healthy, safe and educated."

Christina Becherer
Director, Corporate Partnerships
ChildFund International